The Santa Barbara Rescue Mission was the 27th New Markets Tax Credit project that Opportunity Fund has provided allocation for.  It was the smoothest and quickest closing we have experienced thus far!  Kudos to John McGeehan and Capital for Compassion for their expertise.  We look forward to many more projects together. Chris Huang, Director, NMTCs, Opportunity Fund

After four years of unsuccessfully applying on our own to the Federal Home Loan Bank, the Lord brought us to Capital for Compassion.  Through Capital for Compassion’s proficiency, we were awarded $3.2 million for our new Community Outreach Center.  Capital for Compassion’s expertise is not only valuable in the preparation of the application, but equally important in its evaluation as we received questions that we would not have been able to answer on our own.  In the end, our grant award was $1 million more than any other award in New York.
Stuart L. Harper, Executive Director/CEO, Buffalo City Mission Buffalo, NY

We had insurmountable odds against us.  We were told repeatedly that it is impossible to receive an award in Texas without the use of an experienced consultant who is known by the state.  Undaunted, the incredible team at Capital for Compassion forged ahead and they nailed it again, just as they have for us repeatedly over the years.
Don Shisler, President & CEO of UGM Tarrant County

Kevin Foster and his team from Capital for Compassion were an intricate part in helping us secure over $1.3 million in New Markets Tax Credits to help fund our campaign to build a new women and children's facility.  Their expertise and experience helped make this challenging process easier to navigate and was well worth their nominal fee.
Keith Overholt, President and CEO, Downtown Rescue Mission

It has been such a pleasure to work with Capital for Compassion.  The $2,900,000 in grant funds that they brought to the table propelled our project forward in record time.  Capital for Compassion has the expertise, key banking relationships, and a winning record.  I strongly recommend them to anyone considering funding.
Matthew Barnett, Senior Pastor, Los Angeles Dream Center

If you had a bad tooth, you would not pull it yourself.  Instead, you would let an expert handle it.  In the same respect, I can’t imagine trying to navigate the Federal Home Loan Bank system without the services of Capital for Compassion.  Working with Kevin and his team is almost like going to the dentist and loving it.
Paul Spence. VP of Development, City Gospel Mission, Cincinnati, OH

Dream Centers of Colorado Springs is a new organization with a big vision to love and serve our city.  To reach our goals with Mary's Home, we need key partners.  The expertise, positive working relationship, and results that Capital for Compassion offered were the partnership we needed.  We are so grateful for their knowledge and will be using them often as we open more Dream Centers.
Brady Boyd, President, Dream Centers & Senior Pastor, New Life Church

It is really good to have worked with Capital for Compassion.  I cannot say enough about how great they are and how much they have helped us through complicated “stuff.”  We have had a really, really good experience.
Sally Mounts, Director of Development, Washington City Mission

It has been such a joy to work with the great team of professionals at Capital for Compassion.  Not only have we been successful in landing $2 million dollars in grants, but we recognize that we can return each year for additional grants. The process works and pays great dividends.  I highly recommend Capital for Compassion to all of Teen Challenges centers.
Jerry Nance PhD, President, Teen Challenge Southeast Region

As an expert consultant, Capital for Compassion was both a beacon of light and a reassuring partner in helping us apply for a grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.  Their expertise and resourcefulness was vital to our successfully obtaining a grant of nearly $1.3 million. Their name speaks for itself.
Tom Vanden Berk, CEO, UCAN, Chicago

The Capital for Compassion team of professionals assisted us in obtaining a $1,500,000 grant; a grant that I'm sure we couldn't have acquired on our own.  Not only did they help us identify what our project could realistically qualify for, they helped us understand the funder’s language and were experts at helping us navigate through the Federal Home Loan Bank system.   I would highly recommend Capital for Compassion.
Rick Phillips, Executive Director, Union Gospel Mission, Yakima, WA

It has been a delightful and mind stretching experience in obtaining a $1,100,000 AHP grant for our Bridge-to-Life Project.  We are very grateful to Capital for Compassion for their competence and expertise in helping us find a diamond in a rough seam of ore.
James Lukose, Executive Director, Wayside Cross Ministries

Kevin - working with Capital for Compassion is one of the best decisions this Mission EVER made!  Your team made the process so easy to navigate and I know that I speak for my staff and our entire Board of Directors in saying, "THANK YOU!"  It is our hope to go through the process again in the future, and when we do, you can count on the fact that we'll be calling on CAPITAL FOR COMPASSION!!!
Susan Spahr, Executive Director, Lebanon Rescue Mission

THANKS A LOT!!!  We really cannot express to you enough of how blessed we are to have been the recipients of your great work.  We continue to be blown away that we were chosen for this grant.  What a blessing.  Again, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!
Tracy Gorman, Executive Director, Evansville Rescue Mission

From the very onset, it has been a genuine pleasure to work with Kevin Foster and Capital for Compassion.  Kevin is both capable and caring, and his confidence in the whole process really helped put me at ease.  The best part is the way he and his team do most of the work, and we get the benefit.
Rev. Mike Gilmartin, Executive Director, Teen Challenge of the Dakotas

When we first heard about it, the AHP grant process seemed like such a long-shot.  Capital for Compassion not only opened our eyes to what was possible, but skillfully guided us through the process, resulting in two $1,000,000 awards.  Working with the team at Capital for Compassion has been a joy.  We cannot imagine why anyone would attempt an application to the Federal Home Loan Bank system without them.
Reid Lehman, President & CEO, Miracle Hill Ministries, Greenville, SC

Please accept our thanks, appreciation, and gratitude for your help, counsel, and direction in preparing and obtaining the grant.  Without you it would not have been possible.  I am sure that over the coming years there will be many hundreds of men who will participate in our program and use the facility and they will indirectly, but consequently, owe a deep debt of gratitude to you and your firm for your commitment and help.
Ron McClure, President, Cornerstone Community Services, Del Norte, CO

I feel I can give you plenty of positive feedback on the benefits of New Markets Tax Credit funding and, more importantly, how impressed we have been with the team at Capital for Compassion during the entire process.  They handled the process so well that I could not tell that it was their pilot project.
Lisa Davis Young, Director of Major Gifts, Downtown Rescue Mission

Capital for Compassion has an amazing ministry in helping rescue missions and organizations do things that would have never been possible using normal revenue streams.  Keep up the good work!  As they say, God is seldom early and never late.  We can’t wait for our next project!!
Sherry Pitney, Executive Director, Rockford Rescue Mission

Kansas City's homeless population and City Union Mission have benefited majorly through the work of Capital for Compassion to the tune of nearly $1.5 million dollars for our men and family shelter.  The expertise needed to successfully apply for the AHP grants is not something many of us have, but it is very much a part of Capital for Compassion.  Like many Missions, we have been very concerned for how major renovation work would ever get done but through prayer and the experience of Capital for Compassion, we are seeing the much-needed work being done!
Dan Doty, Executive Director, City Union Mission, Kansas City, MO

Words cannot express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to “Team Capital for Compassion.”   One of the best decisions I have made in my 65 years was to place that first call, all the time doubting if our project had any chance of success.  Literally thousands of homeless men will now be served over the coming decades because of the grant we received.  Thank you, Kevin, and the rest of your team.
–Bill Enke, Board of Directors, Beacon of Hope, Fort Dodge, IA

Capital for Compassion helped secure a $1,000,000 grant for our $10,000,000 new women and family center.  It was a delight to work with a professional who is an expert in his field and who is excited about building affordable housing for God’s people.  I joyfully recommend checking out Capital for Compassion.
Mar Corpuz, Institutional Philanthropy Officer, The Rescue Mission, Tacoma, WA

Capital for Compassion is an expert at mining the Federal Home Loan Bank grant program.  Their track record is unparalleled!  Capital for Compassion’s team is uniquely qualified to craft an application that takes a grant-seeking organization to this specialized funding program - a bridge too wide for us to navigate on our own.  We know, we tried on our own and failed.  Capital for Compassion re-applied and obtained $482,000 for us.  Then they said we can do better and got us another $1,200,000.
Darryl Bartlett, Executive Director, Holland Rescue Mission, MI

Even with 11 years of grant writing experience for the Los Angeles Mission, I would not attempt to write an AHP grant proposal.  While the services of Capital for Compassion in strategizing, scoping the project, and formatting the proposal were excellent, its nexus with the funding source and potential banking partners was priceless in obtaining the desired results.  Having now been through this process three times with Capital for Compassion, I will never attempt it on my own.
Joe Rowe, Associate Director, Los Angeles Mission, CA

I would have never tried to wade through the AHP grant process on my own.  Though I love to write, this grant takes a technical skill set that I do not possess.  We turned to Capital for Compassion to assist us in obtaining two $1,000,000 grants.  The small price that Union Rescue Mission paid was certainly worth the astonishing pay-off as we rehabbed our downtown facility and are in the midst of renovating our Hope Gardens Family Center.  I highly recommend Capital for Compassion.
Andy Bales, President, Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles, CA

The Haven was denied an AHP grant for $140,000.  After being referred to Capital for Compassion, they not only got the grant for us but tripled the award to $445,000!  I will not hesitate to contract with Capital for Compassion for assistance in the future.  Their help is a great investment.
Elaine Hunsicker, Executive Director, The Haven, Battle Creek, MI

When the City Mission of Schenectady spends money with vendors, the Kingdom is expanded, but the vendor wins first and the ministry second.  With Capital for Compassion, the ministry wins first, then Capital for Compassion.  No other vendor ties their fees as closely to performance as does Capital for Compassion – they are unique.
Mike Saccocio, Executive Director, City Mission of Schenectady, NY

Kevin Foster came to my attention during a capital fund drive to open a new Rescue Mission in our sister city. His familiarity with affordable housing grants from the Federal Home Loan Bank opened the door to a resource that I had never known. He helped us qualify for a grant of $500,000, and without these funds the new Mission might have never become a reality.
Ken Streeter, Executive Director, City Mission of Saginaw, MI

Before we worked with Capital for Compassion we never thought about pursuing more than $20,000 of capital improvements at any one time and we usually encountered many denials in our requests for funding.  Thanks to a grant of $450,000 we are going to have a new facility which we could have never done it without the inspiration and perspiration of Capital for Compassion.  This means that our residents will not have to wear their winter coats inside next year because they will be living in a building with adequate insulation.
Rob Miltenberger, Development Director, Victory Center Ministries, Clinton, IA

The grant you wrote was the largest grant that we have ever received.  This grant also allowed us to expand from the original plans and make the shelter more detailed than what we originally planned. Your understanding empowered this grant. Your knowledge on how to write and the diligence of your work is what made this possible. You have a caring heart and it shows in your dedication to your task at hand. While you were working with us on our grant I could tell your desire to succeed was not for yourself but so that you could help us reach those truly in need. You truly have a heart for Rescue Ministry.
Marilyn Farmer, Executive Director, MorningStar Mission, Joliet, IL

I would strongly recommend Capital for Compassion to anyone that is considering applying for a Federal Home Loan Bank Grant.  The entire process, from application to disbursement of funds, is very specific and really requires professional attention to minutiae of detail.  The team at Capital for Compassion guided us through a maze of paperwork and their efforts resulted in a grant award of $1,000,000 for a new women and children facility.
D. Scott Munro, Development & Expansion Director, Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson, AZ

It was six years ago when I first heard your presentation on AHP grants.  We have an existing Men's building which is very dilapidated and for some reason, I thought we could not use grant monies for repairs.  Thank God you came to visit us.  Last week we were awarded a $1,000,000 grant for renovating this property.  Thank you for the persistence and professionalism that you bring to vital Kingdom work and for John McGeehan, our consultant, who moved us through the application process.  It would have been a sad note to have allowed our organization to be ignorant of the blessings God had in mind for us.
Steve Turbeville, Executive Director, Lighthouse Ministries, Lakeland, FL

When we hired Capital for Compassion to pursue an AHP grant, we were hoping that they could obtain $1,000,000 for us.  Instead, they obtained $2,700,000.  I am so grateful for the hard work you and your team did to ensure that we would be successful in obtaining a grant.  Now that we have received the wonderful news, we can add three more floors to our existing building, effectively doubling the ministry.
Jim VarnHagen, Executive Director, New York City Rescue Mission